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Customers with Open Charge Accounts receive the following benefits:

  • Contractor pricing on all purchases.
  • Free Delivery within metro area. 
  • Order History kept on file to track past purchase information.
  • Cash Discount available for paying with in terms of account.


Effective July 1st, 2008:
KCES will charge a 2.5% convenience fee for customers paying their open-account with a credit/debit card IF the account is past due at the time of payment.
If the account is current or if you pay by check or cash, you will not be charged the convenience fee.

The policy stating that a cash-discount is not available if open-accounts are paid by credit card has not changed.

PAYMENTS:  Please mail your payments to our Lenexa Kansas office:
                     10900 MidAmerica Ave
                     Lenexa, KS 66219     
TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Please review the Terms and Conditions printed on the back of your Sales Orders & Invoices. These are the terms that apply to your account.
     No employee of KCES has the authority to alter these Terms & Conditions; only an officer of KCES may do so and that exception must be made in writing.             Click here to go to a copy of our Terms.

CHANGES TO YOUR ACCOUNT:     Changes such as business/billing addresses, phone numbers, names of principals, and the names of those authorized to charge on your account, must be made in writing. Verbal changes are not accepted.

Contact someone in our billing/credit department for a Change Form (or click here to download a change form). To contact the credit department call (913) 563-7005 or email: credit@kcelectricalsupply.com.     

If the changes are significant, you will be asked to complete an new Credit Application.

NEW ACCOUNTS:        To apply for an account you may drop by or click the link below to complete an application form. You are required to either fax, mail or scan&email the completed form as signatures are required.       Click here to download a Credit Application.

PROMOTIONS:  From time to time we offer special incentives, rewards and promotional items to our customers. These special offers are only available to those whose accounts are in good standing throughout the promotion.

CONTACTS -- Billing & Credit Departments
(913) 541-1717
Our bill to you.
For copies of Invoices etc.
Billing Supervisor
913 563-7006
Your payments to us, Past Due Invoices, 
Requests for Credit References, etc.
Jamie Ulmer
Accounts Receivable
913 563-7005

To email someone: click their name.